Berwyn Rules

Berwyn Rules


Life is Fu*king Precious and Urgent. Are You Man Enough to Deal with That?

Speaker, author, and executive coach Mike Shereck has straight talk for guys ready to “man up,” own who they are, and live their best life.

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In a world where sensitive life coaches are a dime a dozen and you can’t onramp onto the Internet without getting stuck in a traffic jam of self-help books and blogs, Mike Shereck is a breath of fresh air. And now the popular speaker and executive coach known for straight talk with no BS is available in book form: Berwyn Rules: Leadership Secrets of 26th Street.

Reading Berwyn Rules is like getting on a Harley and going for a road trip with Mike as he shows you his favorite spots, tells you a crazy story over a beer and then slaps you on the back and says, “Hey, you’re all right, man.” And then you find that story replaying in your mind, and you realize there was something in it that stuck with you. A refreshing, funny, irreverent ramble that blends memoir with valuable lessons Mike first learned in his home town, Berwyn – and Berwyn RULES, get it? – the book resonates with anyone who’s ever found that some of the most life-altering wisdom comes in pretty everyday-seeming moments. “The book is really The Wizard of Oz meets The Art of War,” says Shereck. “As in, there’s no place like home. Plus avoid war at all costs. And if you can’t avoid it, go big.”

There are, in fact, 13 “rules” in Berwyn Rules, including “It is better to say the crazy ass thing, than swallow your whistle (use with caution)” and “When searching for nirvana, don’t forget to check out where you are standing.” As for why Shereck wrote it, he explains that his ulterior motive was to get a reader asking the kinds of questions about themselves and life that make it possible to own who they are and be fulfilled: “So many people are unclear what they’re about. They’ve lost their voice. I love helping people live with integrity and authenticity, which is code for not giving a fu*k – but not giving a fu*k from a truly empowered place. There is no other way to be, other than you.”