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Mike Shereck Coaching
The leader you are has always been inside.

I was done with leadership.

It was no fun. It ends with a bullet. I had all kinds of clever statements.

Mount Rushmore

Mount Rushmore

The truth is I got done with leadership because I wasn’t very good at it. I got tired of not being allowed to be me. But it wasn’t them not allowing me to be me. I was not allowing me to be me.

If you go and engage in any leadership activity, you’re stepping into the world of little or no agreement - leadership can mean signing up to get attacked. You’re really not protected and if you’re protected it takes away from the experience.

No matter whether I’m leading a ride, working with an individual guy, or coaching a team in an organization…What I do is the same: having people get where they are at and work towards achieving what they say they are committed to.

One of the challenges of our culture in leadership today is how left-brain oriented we are.

Riding a motorcycle is one of the easiest ways to free yourself of being locked up you could ever have, at least for me. If you're not present there are real consequences, especially if you’re going through terrain. You're aware with all your senses, the way things smell, the way things sound, the way they feel, although mostly what you're hearing is the rumble of the V-twin and The Allman Brothers album that's being played.

I think it’s the equivalent of meditation or yoga. To do so with the group of other people is really impactful.

You weren’t just born to pay bills and die. This is the adventure of your life.

Mike Shereck is a speaker, author, executive coach and business consultant who has helped hundreds of clients – many of whom are in manufacturing and construction – not only create thriving businesses, but experience increased satisfaction and fulfillment across the board. His new book is Berwyn Rules: Leadership Secrets of 26th Street.


Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations.

Praise for Mike Shereck Coaching from local riders.


Richard, 62

He reinforces ideas that I don’t have to be afraid of speaking my mind. This is important because in running for public office, things can get nasty. I don’t allow that nastiness. I will always be able to answer, challenge, and come back. I insist stuff gets done in my community.  

I’m comfortable with myself and not so afraid with what people are thinking and more sure of myself and my own ideas and thoughts. Not afraid to speak up, not afraid to give my opinion. 

Before coaching with Mike, things would come up in my job and it would get talked about and if I found I was not in agreement with anyone I would not say anything. Later I would agonize about not having spoken, thinking about all the things i should have done and should have said - late at night. I kept thinking, I’m on these boards and I’m on the council and I should be speaking my part. Sometimes if I did speak, it was not well received and it would reinforce my shyness. Now it is not like that.

I’ll never forget how inspired I felt after that first 45 minute call with Mike. Every single time I get off the phone with him that same feeling shows up regardless of where I was at at the beginning of the call. Just in terms of being excited to live life. I get that from coaching with him and from chatting with him.


Andrew, 32

Mike is OK that you don't have a perfect vision. Part of what I’ve enjoyed with Mike is that he’s had me look at my vision many many times and he’s totally cool with it not being super defined. With other coaches it’s like, "we gotta get a vision, what’s your vision, where are you going?" He’s like "cool, you're 32. Are you happy? Are you doing the things you love to do?" and I’m like "Yeah." "Then, let’s just keep creating it as we go." He was totally accepting of where I was at and allowed me to be in my process. He never got so "you have to do it this way."

He was totally accepting of how I needed to be coached... creating this vision as we go and we know we’re going to go to the west coast we just don’t know where we’re going to end up.

I chuckle because this is the thing I probably enjoy the most about Mike. We haven’t used a ton of tools. He’ll shoot me articles, but his coaching is so simple, which is why it is so brilliant. We just get down to looking at my values, principles, what is this in service of, am I in integrity with what I’m doing? He has these principles he bases his coaching on and I enjoy that we’re not doing all these crazy tools, tools are great, but its really simple coaching in the best way.